Festival Hall – Greensboro’s event facility and home to several productions, special events and more – was recently the featured venue for a successful fundraiser. The fundraiser raised close to $4,000 toward a future piano purchase, according to Executive Director Nicole Chillemi.

The fundraiser featured a young aspiring concert pianist, Carter Cadwallader, who started his studies in 2013. Playing to a full crowd, Cadwallader preformed several classical renditions of Bach, Beethoven, Schubert and other celebrated artists. He is a student and currently studies at the Georgia Connections Academy, an online charter school. He has participated in numerous musical events, including festivals and piano ensemble concerts at Centennial Hall in Tucson, Arizona, where he has received several gold medals.

While learning Spanish, which he started in seventh grade, he discovered a passion for Spanish and its musical accompaniments. Anticipating graduation soon this month, he has set his sights on continuing his studies in Spain in the fall of 2023. This was his piano graduation recital, which he thoughtfully dedicated to his parents, Daniel and Beverly Cadwallader.

Chillemi and members of the Festival Hall Board are looking to expand their fundraising initiatives given the success of the recital.

“We continue to review and set up a timeline to achieve our goal,” Chillemi said. “This graduation recital was the first step in our fundraising efforts. It captured the heart of what Festival Hall is all about and we were pleased with the turnout. We believe in supporting young artists and providing the community with accessible opportunities to experience the arts right here in Greensboro.”

Most professionals in education agree that music and art education is important to offer in schools. It has been proven to help concentration, improve academic performance and measurably is becoming an important contributor to student’s success at school.

Greene County schools offer band in both middle and high school with ensembles in jazz and percussion. Music theory is taught as part of the curriculum.

Source: Lake Oconee News, December 16, 2022