Executive Summary

Published August 7, 2023

For just under 15 years, Festival Hall has been a central component of life in downtown Greensboro, Georgia. It has attracted theater and entertainment events, promoted arts enrichment, and been a central gathering place for the community. At its core, Festival Hall has always been and will always be a facility that brings arts to the area while ensuring accessibility for all throughout Greensboro, Greene County, and the surrounding area.

The time has come to put into motion the first multi-year strategic plan to enhance and strengthen our position as the heart of the community for arts, education, and other local events. The 2023/2025 strategic plan reflects our passion to remain a go-to venue for the community while expanding the offerings we bring to the community through our own events geared toward arts and arts education. We will continue to be a venue available and accessible for many other uses in our area – weddings, business meetings, and civic events.

This three-year strategic plan is a concrete declaration that we will continue to strengthen our operating position while also growing and thriving as an institution. We will welcome artists and performers from far and wide while always being available for our local community.

We will maximize our community impact by engaging with the community, our vast and varied audiences, and we will expand and deepen our adult and youth arts programming.

We will build a strong foundation by maintaining and improving the facility, its infrastructure, and technology to amplify the many different artistic performances and events we will host each year.

A very special thank you to our treasured community, whose outstanding support continually inspires us to address our challenges and strive to achieve our mission.

On behalf of our Board and Executive director, thank you for entrusting this historical treasure to us for the benefit of everyone in and around Greene County and Greensboro, Georgia.

We look forward to welcoming you to an ever-evolving Festival Hall and we are excited to celebrate 15 years of success with you in 2025. Until then, visit, sponsor, or attend our events and watch Festival Hall grow over the next 3 years.

A special Thank You to Luke Maslow, Greene County resident and co-founder of APG Emerging Tech, for guiding and facilitating a collaborative process that enabled the Board to define and share this Strategic Plan.