Lake Oconee News, March 29, 2024

Festival Hall in Greensboro, the heart of the cultural community in Lake Country, is gearing up for Bingo for the Arts, a fundraiser on June 27 aimed at revitalizing the Hall’s infrastructure and ensuring its continued role as a vibrant cultural and entertainment hub.

As Festival Hall approaches its 15 years since its grand opening – and last renovation – it’s time to address the wear and tear that comes with years of hosting diverse events, performances, and gatherings. Its lighting, sound systems, projection equipment, and other essential infrastructure need upgrading to keep pace with the evolving needs of the community and the arts scene. Bingo for the Arts presents an opportunity for the community to come together, enjoy a night of entertainment, and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of Festival Hall. Each round of bingo will feature exceptional prizes generously donated by local businesses, adding an element of excitement to the evening. Attendees will also enjoy music while enjoying amazing food from The Burch food truck.

To bring this event to life, Festival Hall is currently seeking sponsorships from local businesses. Bingo for the Arts sponsors will enjoy exposure for their businesses, plus feel enormous pride in their decision to invest in the future of the Lake Country community. Upgrading Festival Hall’s facilities will enhance the experience for patrons and performers alike while enabling the Hall to attract more events and concerts to Greensboro.

Businesses interested in becoming a sponsor for Bingo for the Arts or contributing in any way are encouraged to contact Festival Hall now at 762-243-8022 or visit online at Local support will make a meaningful difference and help preserve Festival Hall as a cherished asset for the community.